Active Duty BOT Guide

Your second stop in SharePoint should be to download the Active Duty BOT Guide, as this contains ALL of the information you will need to submit your application.  People in forums or on the internet, or even people who help you personally, may have information about how they did their application, but this guide will be the most up-to-date info straight from AFPC on how to complete your application.

The guide itself is a PDF file a.k.a. portfolio which simply means it contains many other PDF attachments.  Each attachment will give you a different type of information, and some information will apply and some will not.

Here is the basic layout as of May 1, 2015:

I will go into depth with every attachment of this guide in later posts.

I strongly recommend printing out the entire guide and putting together a 3-ring notebook.  Keep the notebook with you at all times and any time you need to reference something you can easily pull the tab, reference, and replace.  I will do a separate post on how I kept organized later.  I work in a secure area so paper copies were absolutely necessary.

Edit 9 Aug 15:  I have had a hard time accessing the SharePoint lately (I am probably doing it wrong) but here is the AF portal link to the BOT guide.  Use the AF Portal link to the home page and click the BOT Guide link on left.  Common Access Card required!!!  Be sure you cross reference the latest updates with the SharePoint.

AF Portal:


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