AF Form 56

Link to Official Air Force Form 56:
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I consider the AF Form 56 somewhat of a formality for the application.  It is something that has to be completed but most of the information in the AF Form 56 is actually "presented" to the board in the BOT Applicant Profile (from my understanding).  Nonetheless, this form must be 100% error free and should be reviewed in depth by everyone in your chain of command and a few other trusted mentors.  

Attachment 8 of the BOT Program Guide provides input on the AF Form 56.  Reference the current guide for all information and the latest advice from AFRS.  I will go block by block and also explain the stuff which stood out to me when I applied.  I found Attachment 8 and the Frequently Asked Questions on the first page of the BOT guide EXTREMELY HELPFUL when completing my AF Form 56.

Page 1
  1. "LAST, FIRST M."
  2. My personal address and phone number, mirrored from vMPF.
  3. My Home of Record.
  4. Self explanatory.
  5. DOB and SSN self explanatory.  For date available for training I was stateside with 2.5 years TOS so I put the date the board was scheduled to convene (20150216).  Later after BOT class dates were being assigned, the rumor was Rose was using this date to prioritize your departure (aside from age critical or OCONUS selectees).  I put the number of kids I have no number of dependents, the rest was self explanatory.
  6. Get these dates from vMPF.  I got the servicing MPF address by calling my MPF.  BESO "NA", Home e-mail address:  my personal e-mail address, BESO telephones blank, BESO email "NA", current unit mailing address I got from my orderly room, CAFSC from vMPF, and PAS code from my EPR.  Date departed CONUS "NA", DEROS "NA", duty phone self explanatory.
  7. 7A OTS, 7B blank, 7C "Space Operations, Cyberspace (Network) Operations, Intelligence" in that order.  The reason I put "network" is because the AFOCD had 17D as network ops, but attachment 7 still listed it as Cyberspace Ops.  7D volunteer for flying YES even though I was non-rated.
  8. Blank
  9. I LEFT AFOQT BLANK IAW the BOT Guide instructions.
Additional Comments:
Page 2

10.  NO, NO, NA
11A NO, B blank, C NO
12.  NO the rest blank
13.  YES, two entries (current AFSC, previous AFSC)
14.  NO
15.  YES, I had six offenses for Block 15.  I will list the offense and my age.  Driving uninsured (16), Speeding (17), Failure to yield (18), Speeding (20), Speeding (21), and Speeding (27).  I made zero mention of this in my Personal Statement.  My current age at application was 28 so I considered it clear it was something from my past.  Last block NA
The rest of the page NO.

Additional Comments
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
  • NA the rest completely blank.