BOT Guide Attachment 5 - Physical, Master PF/LPiF Review, Transcripts, AAC 05, vMPF RRU and CDB

This attachment was fairly cut and dry for me.  I have never had any physical or medical issues so as far as the physical was concerned all I needed was an updated AF Form 422.  I actually called the MDG to request an appointment and they clearly informed me I did not need to see my PCM.  The section within the MDG I had to talk to was "Medical Standards", and there were one or two full time personnel who did this as their main job.  They helped me out for almost the entire medical process and they were the ones I contacted if I had any issues.

A5.1 Physical 
Nothing in this section applied to me, but I read all of the references and AFIs just in case.

A5.1.1. Non-Rated Applicants
To obtain an AF 422 I had to contact medical standards.  They were slightly difficult to get in touch with by phone so I ended up dropping by first thing in the morning.  They also had training days and half day so sometimes it was a bit of a struggle, but I was almost always able to ask someone when they would be there.

I used the BOT guide and requested the form with the quoted verbiage and the first thing they needed from me before they would do anything was "something written saying I needed xyz."  They said it had to be signed, but they also said my flight commander could sign it.  After consulting with my flight commander he went ahead and deferred to my unit commander though, so obtaining the signature took an extra few steps.  I obtained the memorandum and returned to the MDG.

Once they had the memo they informed me I needed to do a depth perception test and a color vision test.  The depth perception test involved a machine similar to what is used during an eye exam.  Once you looked through the lenses several rows of five black circles on a white background were illuminated and I had to pick the one which was standing out.  I remembered this from MEPS.  It took me longer than I remember at MEPS, but I passed.

The color vision test involved a small laptop with a mouse.  Basically I covered one eye and different colored, dimly lit letters would appear and I had to click out of 10 choices what the letter was.  I need glasses but don't wear them so I had to work harder on this one, but I passed this as well.

After I passed both tests the standards section informed me they would generate the AF Form 422, obtain signature from the doctor, and upload it to my PIMR.  After three weeks or so it wasn't done so I followed up (I think the original turnaround I was given was two weeks), and they took care of it the next day.  I started the process early enough that it didn't matter.

A5.1.2 Air Liaison Officer (ALO), Combat Rescue Officer (CSO and Special Tactic Officer (STO)
N/A for me.

A5.1.3 Rated Applicants
N/A for me.

A5.1.4 Rate Age Critical Applicant
N/A for me.

A5.2 Commander's Master Personnel File and Local Personnel Information File Reviews
So on this one the overall premise is AFPC checks your master PIF from Randolph for derogatory information and informs your commander of the result.  Your commander does a local PIF review, and if all checks out your commander does a memo stating all was complete and no derogatory information was found.  Here is how I did it:

1)  I did up the Quality Force Review Request for the Purpose of BOT Application memorandum on squadron letterhead and included instructions for my commander.  He signed and emailed to dpsomp.incoming.  About a week later he got an email back from AFPC with another memorandum stating no derogatory information was found.  I kept it in my binder and then drafted the Commander's MasterPF and LPIF Quality Force Review Letter.  My commander signed this one as well, and I stored all memos in my binder (see post on organization).  You don't need the memos again until you actually start putting together your "packets" for formal SharePoint submission.

A5.3 Transcripts
This was very straight forward because I was done with my degree.  I contacted my college, ordered the transcripts IAW their procedures, and kept the soft copy in a safe place until I was ready to make my "packets".  

Be careful on the size of the PDF if you order electronic transcripts.  Mine was extremely large so I used Adobe Pro to shrink the file so it did not bog down SharePoint on submission day.  

Technically the PDF transcript was not "official" because I ordered it myself, but it still worked.  I think as long as it is official as it gets you are fine, they just want to identify if there is anything shady going on with your transcript.

A5.3.4 AFRS IMT Form 1413
N/A for me.

A5.5. Assignment Availability Code 05 (AAC) 
This is a code placed on your official profile which flags you as an OTS applicant in AMS.  Basically if you are hot for an assignment, there is some sort of check in place where your name will be flagged if you have this code.  This code does not guarantee you will not get an assignment, it simply adds another layer of validation during the assignment process.  If you have the code, get an assignment, and get selected for OTS, they will cancel the assignment.  If you have the code, get an assignment, and do not get selected, you will still need to take the assignment.

The MPS (assignments section I believe) does this update for your record.  I had to do a memo for this as well signed by commander, and I simply emailed it to the correct work center at MPS.  Luckily I got the right guy on the phone so he actually made the update that day.

Take note to not do this too early, especially since AFRS has a track record of pushing boards back.  This will prevent complications.  Bottom line if you applied to OTS, DO NOT PCS.  It will most likely render you ineligible to apply and your application will be pulled.

I accidentally did this around 35 days prior to submission instead of the 30, but no-one noticed and it did not cause any problems.

Be sure you check your vMPF RRU and/or CDB to ensure the code is on your record.

I have heard a rumor that AFRS pulls this code off your record if you are a non-select (sometimes before results are released), but I have been unable to confirm this.  Mine remained for the entire period.

A5.6 Virtual MPF Record Review Update (RRU) and Career Data Brief (CDB)
Again I constantly went line by line through both documents to ensure I was good to go.  It takes time to make updates so be sure you start early.  If something is incorrect, talk to your orderly room or education center depending on the problem.

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