BOT Guide Attachment 4 - Taking the AFOQT/PCSM

My worst experience with the whole application process was taking the AFOQT.  Not because it was a hard test, but because I graduated in three years prior and took my last math class eight years prior.  Math was my biggest problem.

The AFOQT has changed!  I took the "S" version but a new version is out now.  Be sure you do your research and study for the correct test.

The hardest part about the my "S" test was the time.  I focused on studying content and did not take a lot of time going through mock timed tests.  This hurt me.  On both of my two math sections I ran out of time and could have scored better if I was quicker.  Bottom line, be sure you time yourself taking the practice tests and take them over and over again until it is second nature.

For studying, I borrowed all of my books from the base library.  Especially with the new test, I would consider buying a book or two to augment your study.  The books on base were extremely poorly written and riddled with errors, at least the math sections.  The other sections were okay, but I was very disappointed by the quality.  I was surprised the publisher would release books with so many errors, but they did help so I can't complain too much.  Bottom line I recommend getting on the forums and finding the most current information on studying for the new test.

I did check out a GMAT/GRE book and meant to study the math and take the pretests from those books, but in the end I was intimidated and didn't take the time to do it.  I believe this was the strategy for those who aced the math portions though.

If you have questions on the scoring just let me know.  I don't know how much detail I should go into because I know the test has changed.  For mine, there were two math sections and two verbal sections.  The two math combined as your quantitative score, the two verbal as your verbal score, and all four I think were your academic aptitude.  The other weird tests with blocks, science, and cockpit instruments combined to be your pilot/navigator score.

Important Note for Non-Rated Applicants
There is one important thing to note though.  The AFOQT is required, but the PCSM is not.  The one thing which threw off a lot of people is something called the ABM/CSO score.  Both of those positions are rated positions so it would be logical to assume a non-rated applicant did not need them, but that is incorrect.  For whatever reason they want you to upload these scores which are printed on a separate page.  The good news is all you have to do is go to a separate web site, enter in your AFOQT information, and your ABM/CSO form will be generated.  Some of the applicants forgot this but the AFRS staff contacted them and gave them the opportunity to fix it.

After I took the test I had to wait about 7-10 days for the score to be available.  All you do is go to a web site and enter your information and test location, and the system will either tell you no scores are available or give you your scores.  I simply printed the form for my soft and hard copy files because it has to be uploaded at the very end.

I forgot to mention that my education center conducted the AFOQT around once per month.  All I had to do is contact base training, ask around, and I was put in contact with the right person.  At Peterson AFB, the test was conducted in the same room as WAPS testing.

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