FY2016 Line Officer Board Schedule

Disclaimer:  I do not have a need to stay up-to-date on the board schedule.  I will do my best to keep this updated for you all, but if you notice a discrepancy please post a comment to let me know.

Last update:  23 August 2016

Basically the first thing you should do is check the schedule to see when the next upcoming board is.  Check the SharePoint of AF Portal sites for the most up-to-date information because it changes often.

Board #
Application cut-off
Board Date
Estimated Release Date

16OT01 (Non-Rated)
4 Sep 15
19-23 Oct 15
18 Dec 15 (pushed back from 4 Dec 15)

30 Oct 15
18-20 Nov 15
18 Dec 15

16OT02 (Rated)
4 Jan 16 (pushed back from 23 Nov 15)
25-29 Jan 16
4 Mar 16

16OT03 (Non-Rated)
8 Feb 16 (pushed back from 15 Jan 16)
29 Feb - 4 Mar 16
15 Apr 16 (Delayed!  Estimated delay is approximately three weeks)

20 Jun 16 (pushed back from 6 Jun 16)
11-15 Jul 16
5 Aug 16

16OT04 (Rated)
27 Jun 16 (pushed back from 13 Jun 16)
25-29 Jul 16
31 Aug 16
9 Sep 16? - unconfirmed


1.  Applications must be loaded in share point and at HQ processor level in AFRISS TF by Cut-off daet.  Late applications will not be processed.

2.  Board schedule may change depending on Line Officer Accession target adjustments as needed by AF/A1.

3.  GPA waivers are only considered for exceptional Rated/Non-Rated applicants with a minimum cumulative score of 150 when adding the AFOQT sub-scores of Academic Aptitude (AA), Verbal (V), and Quantitative (Q), and additionally a minimum AA score of 60 is required. ***Refer to FY16 BOT Line Officer Handbook.***

4.  AFOQT waivers will NOT be entertained.

EDIT 7/29/2015:  This stuff changes frequently so post a comment if something is outdated, and I will fix it.  Thanks!

EDIT 9/11/2015:  Updated with the latest info from SharePoint.

EDIT 12/21/2015:  Updated Note 1 and board dates with latest info from SharePoint.

EDIT 3/17/2016:  Crossed off completed boards.

EDIT 4/30/2016:  Updated info for 16OT03 board.

EDIT 8/23/2016:  Crossed off 16OTTDSP and 16OT04 application and board dates.

EDIT 9/4/2016:  Added 9 Sep 16 date to 16OT04 board.

EDIT 9/13/2016:  Lined through all boards due to final board release PSDM.