OTS Applicant Profile

In my opinion this is THE MOST IMPORTANT document of your application.  I believe this is the document which the board actually reviews (along with the other documents in the "app" "packet"), and the board only uses the other "packets" you submitted for reference.  I could be wrong, but I think it is hard to argue the importance of this document regardless of how it is used.

I think of applying for OTS as a really long and in-depth job interview, and I think of the OTS Applicant Profile as the resume.  No-one wants to sift through all of your EPRs to decipher your career.  The board wants to see your ability to present yourself, and will judge your record based on how and what is presented.  Their perception of you will largely be determined by the impression they receive from this document.

Attachment 9 of the BOT Guide provides an example of the BOT Applicant Profile.  When I did mine I tried to keep the appearance as close to this example as possible because I considered it a test of my ability to follow instructions, (not to mention my Microsoft Word skills.)  There were no word examples out there, so I assumed the board wanted to test my skills at making something new based on a PDF.

The BOT Applicant Profile is a tangible document which represents how well you fit into the board's perception of the "whole person concept."  If you look through the subheadings on the document, it tells the board everything they would want to know.

I went ahead and included screenshots of my actual BOT Applicant Profile, but I changed all of the details to protect my identity.  I am extremely proud of my work and am apprehensive of sharing it with you all, but in the end it does nothing for me anymore and it can help you polish your own application.  If you are proactive enough to be here and read my posts, I suppose you deserve a look at my application :-)

Personal Information
Academic Education

 Professional Military Education
Career Achievements

Personal Achievements
Work Experience

Enlistments of the Uniformed Services, Law Violations

Law Violations

Air Force Specialty Choices
Personal Statement
Signature, Initials, and Date
Final Notes
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