AD Select! 13S Select Process

I know most of you are most interested in my perspective of the application, but there is a void of information for what happens after you are told you are a select.  Here is a basic breakdown.  Keep in mind some of this may only be for 13S selects.
After you find out you are a select you are on your own to complete the applicable taskers outlined in the AD select instructions.  As an applicant I was able to download the AD select instructions from SharePoint so I already knew the basic requirements prior to my selection notification.  I am not superstitious but it still felt a little wrong to view the file!  But in the end it did help me know what to expect.

TFIT/TFOT class dates are assigned by AFRS/RSOC, and won't be assigned until you are qualified.  Qualified means completing all of the taskings in the AD select letter.  Here are the basics for me as a 13S select: 

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