TFIT/TFOT Class Date Assignment

As I said in another post, class dates are assigned once you are qualified.  Here is what I know about how Rose assigns the class dates once you are qualified.

SUBJECT: Initial Basic Officer Training (BOT) Class Notification for [name]

1. This memorandum serves as an official notification that the Officer Trainee (OT) listed above is tentatively assigned to BOT Class 1602B wich a class report and start date of 6 OCT 15 and a projected graduation date of 11 DEC 15.  The OT is assigned to AF specialty 13S1, Space Operations Officer.

2.  The OT's information was forwarded to HQ AFPC/DPSIP for assignment processing and official notification to the OT's servicing MPF.  Please allow ample time for assignment processing.

3.  Please ensure you review the Officer Training School (OTS) website at then click on officer training school link at the top, center of the page,

4.  OT's must arrive and in-process OTS between 1000 and 1700 hrs on the schedule class start date.  Early arrivals are not authorized.

5.  Please do not call AFPC/DPSIP.  If you are currently in the CONUS and you have not received notification within 30 days of departure; or if you are currently OS and you are within 60 days of departure contact us at DSN XXX-XXXX or email [email address].