General OTS Advice - Looking Back

I can say without a doubt that OTS was the most valuable experience of my life.  It was not valuable because I learned a lot, it was valuable because I learned a lot about myself.  I don't know how common this perspective is from other OTS graduates, but I know it is true for me.  I will do a separate post to summarize how OTS fits into the larger picture of my life from a religious perspective.

Here are some general tips I have for those prepping for OTS:

What is important at OTS?  How do I prioritize my time?

Many people thought the OTS staff was purposefully trying to distract you from what was 'really important' as a hollow attempt to make you better.  While I agree the course is challenging by design, I disagree on the motive.  The point of the high stress level and distractions at OTS is not to distract you from what is really important, it is to teach you that it is all important in a unique and complex way.  Here are some of the major challenges in priority order, and why I think think they are important.