16OT03 NR Results Are Trickling Out!

I just noticed on the forums that civilian select notifications are starting to trickle out!  It looks like people started to get phone calls from their recruiters on Saturday 30 Apr but more today (2 May).  If you are AD I would expect to hear Tuesday or Wednesday, but would not be surprised if it wasn't until Friday.  I WOULD be surprised if you did not know by Friday, I am pretty sure the results will be pushed out this week.  (This is just a personal guess so I could be wrong).

When I submitted my application last year the SharePoint asked for an email for my commander and my commander was the only one who got my 'OTS select' email from the OTS board staff.  He brought along the squadron leadership but I know most of the bigger bases also bring higher leadership depending on the unit.  If you see a bunch of rank walk into your office be skeptical of anything they tell you.  They often like to have a little fun with the 'select' notifications and many get creative.

As always feel free to leave a comment on this post if this blog helped you out.  I always love hearing from readers.  Good luck to you all!