AFRS Update

What's Hot!!

1.    The Release for the 16OT03 Non-rated board has been delayed. Estimated delay timeframe is approximately three weeks.

2.    Update!! As of 14 April 2016, the 180-day wait period is no longer in effect.  Applicants can apply for multiple boards as long as they are eligible.

3.    Public PSDM board release messages are at: 

4.    Go here if you are a select:

Please do not contact our office asking for class dates, etc.  If you follow the instructions listed, you should be getting a class letter approximately 90 days AFTER completing all tasks.  There are exceptions due to DEROS, Age, deployments, etc.  Use this email for all requested correspondence:

5.    Update! CHANGE, CHANGE IMMEDIATELY as of 14 April 2016, NEW GPA minimum for Non-rated Applicants is now 2.50.  GPA waiver consideration criteria as change too.  GPA waiver requests will be accepted with applications.  GPA waivers will only be considered for exceptional Rated/Non-rated applicants with a minimum cumulative score of 58 or higher in the AA sub-score.  This change will be reflected in the next update to the Active Duty BOT Application Guide.
6.    Go here for current board schedule :

7.    NEW! Base Education counselors are now able to assist you with the application process.  Make sure you contact them before trying to reach us.

Base Education counselors please email with your inquiries.

8.    NEW! Application Packet format changes effective immediately with the 16OT02 Board! Click go to new Attachment 9, for new profile template and documents.Changes are: removal of AFOQT, ABM, PCSM and Flying Hours table. Add AFOQT, ABM, and PCSM printouts source packet and insert into Application packet between Profile and AF FM 56, page 6, Commander's Interview. Private Pilot License question remains and flying hours question added. NOTE: Removed reference to 3 LOR's and TF entry. Active duty enlisted only authorized one LOR.  Do not upload PDF files in portfolio format.  Your application will be rejected.  Format does not allow for proper QC and/or board members review.  

9.    UPDATE! AFOQT, ABM and PCSM printouts will be placed in application Packet. Printout must have T Version scores! All older version scores have been converted. Click here for information on conversion. and

10.  UPDATE! RPA Exception to Age continues to be in effect for all FY16/17 Rated boards.  An exception-to-the age policy has been granted for RPA applicants who wish to compete on rated boards.  Applicants who are eligible to commission prior to age 35 are eligible to apply. Individuals who are 34 by the board convening date must have or have initiated a flying class IIU physical. You must provide verification of completing/initiating this process. Refer to paragraph A5.1.4 in Attachment 5 of BOT guide dated Dec 2015 for physical documentation requirements. Application Notes: Write "RPA ETP" over yes/no section of rated age questions on questionnaires and on AF FM 56, 28A. Mark "other" and type in "RPA ETP"
11.  UPDATE!  AFRS is no longer accepting incomplete applications.  If your application is missing any required documents listed on attachment 9, it will be rejected without review.