Enlisted Commissioning Options Overview (Part 2 of 3)

The next step after you get 'settled' into your mission is to start building your own personal awareness of what your options are for commissioning.  There are a number of programs available to enlisted Airmen.  I wish I was an expert on them all, but my expertise is centered solely on Officer Training School.  You can apply to OTS if you are within one year of completing your bachelor's degree.  If you are no-where close to that it may be worth exploring some of your other options.  The base education center is your point of contact for assistance with understanding these programs.

Here is a link to the Air Force page which covers many (but not all) of your enlisted commissioning options.  There are two very important options which are not on the list which I will discuss in detail below.

The three commissioning methods for all Air Force officers are as follows.  This basic understanding will help you decipher the different options listed above.  All of the above programs will get you to one of the below programs, it will be your job to determine which path is best for you.  The only exception would be the medical programs which commission through a different version of OTS (I think it is called Commissioned Officer Training or COT).
Senior Leadership Enlisted Commissioning Program (SLECP) - The last program I want to address is a newer program called Senior Leadership Enlisted Commissioning Program (SLECP).  This is a program where each MAJCOM commander has the authority to select one enlisted Airman each year for selection to OTS.  I am not sure what the selection criteria will be because every MAJCOM will be different.  The way this probably works (I am speculating) is each year the MAJCOM commander will send out a call for nominations to subordinate commanders, and in turn there will be a process for subordinate commanders to identify potential selectees for this program.  Unfortunately I am not familiar with any of the timelines or requirements so you will have to see if there is anything on the airforceots forums.  Shoot me an email if you can't find any information.

I wasn't sure how deep to go with this post and in the end I decided not to try to explain every different enlisted commission program such as SOAR, LEAD, etc.  It can be very confusing so if you have any questions at all or have no idea what your options are, just shoot me an email and we will try to figure it out together.