Rolling Socks in OTS

OTS made me more efficient in what I can get done in any allotted time.  If I don't know how to do something, I can figure it out more quickly than before.  If I know how long something usually takes, I can find a way to shave off 30 more seconds.  It is hard to explain how the training course does this to people who have never been through it, but the oversimplified version is that the course over-saturates you with tasks and limits the time you have available to complete them.

Here is a good video of how to do one task of the many you will have to complete while you are there.  I will try to find lots of these and post them for you all.  If you find a good video link it in a comment and I'll do a separate post.

When I was in OTS we were required to roll the socks just like she does in the video, but I had a different technique.  I would flatten the socks like she does and place the end in the bottom drawer of my desk or security drawer.  I would pinch the socks with the drawer and hold it closed with my feet, then pull them tight as I rolled them up.  I did not bang the socks against anything at the end because I made sure the sides were flat as I was rolling.  Sometimes I would push the end in with my finger to make it flatter but my goal was to never have to do this.

Sorry, I lost my point and shoot camera while I was in training so I can't make a video.