Who Should Write the LOR?

I briefly addressed this in my original post but I get the question enough that it deserves a post of it's own.  Who should write the LOR?  Here are a few bullets points of my thoughts.  Here is the guidance from the BOT guide once again:
A8.2.  Letter of Recommendation (LOR) (SEE SAMPLE BELOW) - Letter must be within applicant's chain-of-command, no higher than the senior rater (normally the wing commander).  Letter cannot be more than 180 days old from board convening date.  Only one LOR is allowed.  The LOR should be addressed to the Air Force Officer Selection Board.  A LOR adds emphasis to the “whole person” concept.  The LOR tells board members more about the individual’s character and potential for commissioning.  It is recommended that the unit commander not write the LOR, since he/she already performed the interview.  The best person to write an LOR is one who has a working knowledge of the applicant; attesting to applicant's character, morals, standards, and potential.  Individuals writing an LOR should state their relationship to the applicant and use specific examples they have observed leadership, moral character, talents, accomplishments, etc.  Don't use a senior officer if he/she doesn't personally know applicant (it will reflect in overall rating). Applicants are not allowed to obtain an additional endorsement on the letter of recommendation.Note: (Refer to AFI 36-2406, 1 Jul 2000, Attachment 1, Section "Terms", Page 144, Senior Rater (Officer) or contact MPF to determine who the organization’s senior rater is when not assigned to a wing).
If you think about it, you really don't have that many options with the LOR.  I have heard of a lot of people getting pressured by the supervisor, leadership, or commander to choose one LOR author over another.  The bottom line is it is YOUR application so review the guidance and do what you think is best.
I will end again with comments from my board, and with the comments of HiFlyer from the forums.

Feedback from 15OT02 Board regarding LOR: (click here for my full post):
Feedback posted by HiFlyer on the airforceots forum. (click here for my full post):

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