FY2017 OTS Schedule

I noticed the other day that I never posted the FY 2017 OTS class schedule.  This is the schedule which applies to those who have already been selected for OTS.

NOTE:  These are the OTS class dates, NOT the OTS board dates.

               TFIT               TFOT
Class# Start Date
Transition Date Start Date
Grad Date
17-01 23-Aug-16 29-Aug-16 30-Aug-16 28-Oct-16
17-02 14-Sep-16 20-Sep-16 21-Sep-16 18-Nov-16
17-03 4-Jan-17 10-Jan-17 11-Jan-17 10-Mar-17
17-04 19-Jan-17 25-Jan-17 26-Jan-17 24-Mar-17
17-05 29-Mar-17 4-Apr-17 5-Apr-17 2-Jun-17
17-06 12-Apr-17 18-Apr-17 19-Apr-17 16-Jun-17
*17-07 21-Jun-17 27-Jun-17 28-Jun-17 25-Aug-17
*17-08 28-Jun-17 4-Jul-17 5-Jul-17 31-Aug-17

*Due to TFIT removal, TFOT course start dates represent new arrival dates for line officer training.

Alternate source links:
TFIT:  http://www.au.af.mil/au/holmcenter/OTS/Students/TFIT.asp
TFOT:  http://www.au.af.mil/au/holmcenter/OTS/Students/TFOT.asp

EDIT 14 March 2017:  Updated class dates based on Feb 2017 letter.  Removed TFIT for 17-07 and 17-08.

EDIT 31 March 2017:  Added letter jpg.