From the Inbox - USAF Officer Select Status Update

One of my readers forwarded this update to me.  He received it a few days ago from the Chief of the Officer Accessions Branch at Randolph.

------------------Message Below---------------------
Fellow Airmen and soon to be USAF Officers,
Congratulations on being selected on the 16OT03 Non-Rated Officer Selection Board!  You were handpicked to fill the role of leading the Air Force into the next era of Air Superiority.
Here at Air Force Recruiting Service (AFRS), FY16 was stellar recruiting year and we’ve met all of our FY17 requirements from the FY16 Officer Selection Boards.  Since we have been so successful, we have an abundance of Selects (such as yourself) that we need to process and assign to a TFOT Class seat.  Please understand, we are actively doing just that, every day we come to work. I know “not knowing” is discomforting to say the least.  I wanted to reach out to you and explain what has been, and is currently, happening.

Our AFSC specific requirements come from HAF/A1 – from there we assign Selects (you) into AFSCs based on those requirements and Board selection date.  As of today, my team and I have filled TFOT Class seats all the way out to the 29 March 2017 (17-05) Class.  There are a total of 8 TFOT Classes in FY17.  My mission is to make every effort to get you into a FY17 TFOT Class.  That said, please understand Officer Training School (OTS) gives me a limited number of TFOT Class seats to fill for each Class.  Those seats are filled with not just our active duty Airmen (you) but the civilians that were selected from the same Officer Selection Board you met, plus our Guard and Reserve Airmen. 
I am sure you are eager to receive your TFOT Class date and start this new chapter of your career. I will be sending you (and your Commander) your TFOT Class Assignment Letter on or about 90 days prior to your Class start date and my team will work with AFPC to get your Orders cut ASAP, to help facilitate a smooth PCS for you (and possibly your family).   
If, for some reason, I am unable to assign you into a FY17 TFOT Class, you will certainly be at the top of the list for filling an early FY18 Class (in August or September 2017).  Please hang in there.  I hope that this information helps somewhat in your understanding that we haven’t forgotten you; the Air Force still wants and needs you; you’re still an Officer candidate select, you will be assigned a Class as quickly as possible, and you will receive a TFOT Assignment Letter roughly 90 days prior to your Class start date.
If you email me directly because you have a “special circumstance,” I will NOT entertain it.  Use your chain of command (e.g., your Commander).  I’ll want to know the “what and why” re: those special circumstances; so I can make an informed decision. 
Thank you for your service as a loyal and proven enlisted Airman.  And, congratulations once more for working hard and being selected to meet a new challenge of being an even better leader as an Officer in the United States Air Force!  Best of Luck!