HQ Air Force Recruiting Service has published a new Line Officer Accessions Total Force Officer Training (TFOT) Program Guide and a new LO Board Schedule, effective 19 January 2017.   

The use of this TFOT Program Guide is effective immediately for all future Line Officer application submissions for active duty enlisted personnel.  Application Packages submitted using the outdated BOT Program Guide will be returned. This new TFOT Program Guide has significant changes.

Please thoroughly read and follow all directions on how to complete the forms and submit any needed waivers.  Failure to follow the instructions will result in your Application Package being returned to you.  If you have questions or concerns when filling out your Application Package, contact your Base Education and Training Office.  You may apply for a commission as both a Rated officer or Non-Rated officer – if you meet the eligibility requirements.  Clearly indicate in your Application Package, the AFSCs for which you would desire a commission.  The Accessions Enterprise will make every effort to match you to your preferred AFSC. However, understand the Air Force cannot always match you to your preferences.  In these cases you will be matched to an AFSC for which you qualify and which meet the  accessions requirements for the Air Force (needs of the Air Force).