13S Assignment Team Portal

As an officer it is extremely valuable to have the information you need or know how to find it.  There is an outstanding resource available to officers in almost any career field in the Air Force Portal.  If you search "Assignment Team" you will likely find a page with information specific to your career field.

Here is the Air Force Portal link to the 13S Space Operations Assignment Team page.  On this page you will find information regarding Professional Military Education (IDE/SDE), contact information, DO/CC board results, career milestone charts, etc.  It basically contains links or information to anything which may be relevant to managing your career.

Officers are expected to manage their own career, not follow the path the Air Force set out for them.  Instead of getting the next assignment by luck or AFSC slots available, you will tell AFPC where you want to go and decide for yourself what is good for your career.  Ideally you will have mentors who can help you along with this process but in my opinion it is best if you can figure out 90%-95% of it out yourself, and seek mentorship for the last little bit.  If you do this it is harder to be left behind by the dynamic and competitive nature of officer careers.

Here is the link:


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