17OT02 Rated Board Results

The 17OT02 board results have been released.  The board selected 355 of 525 applicants for a selection rate of 67.48%.  The official press release is incorrect, 17OT02 is a RATED board, not non-rated.

67% is my personal estimated selection rate for all boards, so this board was right on that estimate.  The biggest surprise for me on this one was the 97 active duty selects vs. 260 civilian selects.  Usually the split between civilian and active duty is split more or less down the middle, but these results may mark a change in accession recruitment policy.  Because of the rumors of the Air Force ramping up manpower, the board may be trying to leave active duty as enlisted while increasing the manning numbers with civilians.  The 17OT01 results due to come out in April 2017 will be very interesting.

Update:  Someone on Facebook posted there were about 150 active duty applicants based on what people were tracking when they submitted their applications on SharePoint, so 97 selects aligns with around 67%.

Congratulations to all of the selects!  If the blog helped you out at all and you would like to give back, you can email me anything you would like to share and I will make you a post after I redact all of your personal information.

Click Here for the Press Release