AFOQT Study Materials

I took the AFOQT a long time ago so I can't personally vouch for any of these.  I did use a Barron's book though for the S-version, along with almost every other book available at the base library.  Here are some inputs from the Facebook group that I thought I would consolidate and do a post with to make the information more readily available.  Don't forget to check your base or maybe even local library for free resources you can borrow.

Here is a link to my other AFOQT posts (including this one)

Official AFOQT Page.  Use this to make sure you are studying for the right version of test.

Books (Facebook comments about the books are below the link)

Barron's Military Flight Aptitude Tests
AFOQT Study Guide:  Test Prep and Practice Test Questions for the AFOQT Exam
"I ordered the official GRE books, Peterson's master the officer candidate test 9th edition, Barron's military flight aptitude test, and the pictured book. I used as much resources as possible!"