MyPers - Active Duty Personnel Services Delivery Memorandums (PSDMs)

Active duty TFOT board results are usually posted on the MyPers Personnel Services Delivery Memorandums.  This is also where they post ALL board results to include weapons school, commander slots, IDE/SDE, etc. so you can find some really useful information here.  They usually don't post the results here until the official public release date.

Civilian results can happen a few days before or after the active duty public release.  For 17OT01 the active duty CC notification for results is 28 April, but the public release is 2 May.  Civilian results go from AFRS to Recruiters to Applicant so it should happen around the same time but it may not be exactly the same time.  A lot of it also depends on the recruiter.

Here is the MyPers link for Active Duty.